Four Step Guide to Designing a Space With Your Significant Other!

Photo Courtesy of  Greg Natale  

Photo Courtesy of Greg Natale 

Granted, your significant other isn’t going to like that accent pillow covered in silver sequins that  “mysterious” showed up to the house while he was home. I’m also certain that you hate that  vintage sofa that the’ve been holding onto since college, BUT THIS SHOULD NEVER BE A FIGHT! In this post I’m gonna pretend to be your personal design therapist and give you some valuable tips on keeping each other happy while going through the phase of designing together, FOR FREE (we all love free stuff)! 

Photo Courtesy of Park Grill Chicago 

Photo Courtesy of Park Grill Chicago 


I suggest getting out of the house and going out for a nice dinner or  going out for a glass of wine with your significant other. Notice that I said NICE, I said nothing about EXPENSIVE (There are tons of place you can go without breaking the bank). Getting out of your comfort zone is always best for these kinds of conversations, who’s gonna raise their voice in public?

The conversation should include your budget, personal design styles, your must-haves and your hard-no’s. Be very open to receiving this information, as you’ll always want your significant other to know that you truly care about what they like. 




By merging styles, I mean figuring out a way to incorporate that Scandinavian design your significant other loves with your affinity for modern design. -Think pairing a modern sofa with with a pair of lounge chairs with that Scandinavian influence, then shop for artwork that speaks to you both....... DONE, now you’re both happy! 

Although you may have always hated Scandinavian design, you may end up loving the completed look! I think that interior design is all above curating a space with elements from different design styles to give a home that well-collected and well-traveled look. Even if you don’t care for the things your significant other likes, it’s all about compromise! At least you’ll get to sit on that gorgeous modern sofa you've always wanted, while sipping coffee from your favorite mug! *INSERTS A VERY JOYOUS SMIRK HERE!* 

Trust me, using furniture and accessories from different periods and design styles is something that us Interior Designers do everyday! Don’t believe me, check out my portfolio, you’ll see that I never stick to one particular design style. Choosing elements from different design styles tend to give your home a well-curated look, verses looking like you walked into a showroom and purchased the entire vignette. 


Go through your home and take note of everything you and your significant other would love to incorporate. Don’t forget about repurposing! You’ll never know, reupholstering your current dining chairs may have you both falling in love with them all over again! Also, never underestimate the power of a can of matte black spray paint! -I’m all about finding ways to keep the cost down, as buying new furniture and artwork adds up pretty quickly. Making investments with longevity in mind is key!

Space designed by Savvy Settings Home #ProjectFairfield 

Space designed by Savvy Settings Home #ProjectFairfield 


Now it’s time to pop the cork on that bottle of champagne and toast to all of you and your significant other’s hard work! Don’t forget to queue that song that reminds you of your first date and dance like no one is watching. Unless you have children, they’ll most certainly be watching but pretend that they’re not even there! 

If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still having trouble getting your home in tip-top shape, contact our design team and we’ll be sure to assist you with bringing all of your dreams into fruition! Simply start by completing our New Client In-Take Questionnaire