Ways to Make Your Rental Apartment Feel Like Home


I’ve rented plenty apartments and I must admit, I’ve upgraded each one in some way! As an Interior Designer I can look past a few things because in my mind I see the bigger picture. So I never fuss about ugly light fixtures, tacky paint colors or those terrible vinyl blinds, I look for great flooring, a decent bathroom and most importably a well functioning layout.

Before you get started making changes your place, you should first consult with your landlord to ensure that the changes are even allow! Who wants to lose out on their security deposit? Well, unless you’ve got move to blow, by all means!

After getting the approval from your landlord ask YOURSELF a few thing!

  • What things do you absolutely hate about the apartment?

  • How much money and sweat equity are you willing to invest in to the space?

  • How do you want to live within the space?

  • What do you love about the apartment that you can keep?


Changing the paint color is one my favorite changes to make because it’s quite inexpensive and makes the most impact on the overall look in any apartment. Paint ranges from $25-$100 per gallon depending on the brand you choose, I prefer to use Glidden paint in rental apartments because it’s a great price with good quality. When I moved into my apartment the walls were an off-white color and I knew that had to go!

DSC_0090 copy.jpg


Buying new light fixtures can quite intimidating due to the cost, but look at them as long term investments. You can have new ones installed but when you move, you simply replace the ones that were there when you moved in.

There are plenty places to shop for light fixtures! Check your local Craig’s List listings for pre-owned and even new ones. Browse sites like Etsy, Ebay and Overstock.com and be sure to browse the big box stores as they tend to have good sales from time to time.


Never underestimate the power of houseplants! While they’re great for air purifying, they’re also a great way to bring life into your space. There are a multitude of options, so if you don’t write have a green thumb, they are options out there for you. A few of my favorite houseplants are the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant and the Birds Of Paradise Palm. You can find them at Home Depot and Lowe’s for a great price or you can hit up your local plant nursery for much more of a variety.



Never be afraid to remove those ugly vinyl window blinds that are in most rental apartments! They’re my worst nightmare!!!!! Taking those down and hanging curtains not only makes the space look much more elegant, they’ll block out the cold air in the cooler months and keep your space cooler in the warmer months and you’ll ultimately be saving on heating and cooling costs.


Yes, I’m living proof that you too can live fabulous in rental apartment that ultimately feels like a home! It takes time but it’ll be well worth it in the end, believe me!

What are some of the things you’re working on in your rental apartment to make it a home? Let me know in the comments below!