Affordable Sofas Under $1200


When it comes to shopping for an affordable sofa, most of us don’t know where to start. Especially because we’re trained as consumers to head to the nearest big box store, but there are plenty of places to shop. There are a ton of online sources as well as local small businesses that sell awesome sofa! When shopping for a new sofa you should first determine the style that you love most and absolutely love.

If you’re a person that likes to play it say, I would suggest you buying a neutral colored sofa that you can add some colorful accent pillow to add some style. If you’re a person that loves to go outside the box, I would suggest you look into buying a bold colored sofa that is true to your personal style (like my clients in Project Fairfield).

Today I’ve compiled a list of affordable sofas the I’m absolutely loving right now. Some are neutral and some are bold, nonetheless, I’d buy them all if I had enough space in my apartment for ten sofas!

SOFAS UNDER $1200 (1).jpg
SOFAS UNDER $1200(1).jpg
SOFAS UNDER $1200 (3).jpg
SOFAS UNDER $1200(4).jpg
  1. CB2 Roman Grey Sofa

  2. ARTICLE Sven Cascade

  3. WAYFAIR Tennille Chesterfield Sofa

  4. ALL MODERN Danyel Sofa

  5. ALL MODERN Harcourt Chesterfield Sofa

  6. CB2 Lenyx Sofa

  7. WEST ELM Antonella Sofa

  8. Savile Midnight Blue Velvet Sofa

  9. Monroe Mid-Century Sofa

  10. Strattenborough Sofa

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, nor can we vouch for the quality of all of items linked. Remember when you’re shopping for sofas online be sure to read all of the reviews and exercise your best judgement before pulling the trigger.

If you’ve purchased any of the sofas in this post, let us know what you think of them in the comment section below!