Ways to Update Your Home Without Spending a Dime!

Photo Courtesy of  Danielle Moss

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Moss

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking to refresh your space without spending any money. Since I work from home, I get tired of looking at the same space fairly quickly! In this post I’m going to highlight the ways I give my home a new look with the items I already own (I know my bank account is smiling at me right now as it write this post)! 


It’s perfectly fine to swap the artwork in your living room for the artwork that adorns the walls of your hallway! Who cares if it doesn’t “match” the decor in either of those space? My favorite thing to do is remove all of the artwork in my apartment, pop open a bottle of wine and shuffle all of the artwork to a new space. -Who would’ve known a Wine and Artwork party was a thing but hey, we gotta create some fun at home! (I’m literally sitting here Laughing out loud). If you have your own Wine & Artwork party, don’t get ahead of yourself and drink too much and start hanging artwork crooked, your sober-self will be pissed! 


Move your sofa and side chairs away from the wall and onto the area rugs a few inches, that alone will make your space feel more intimate and evoke conversation! Don’t be afraid of being closer to the coffee table, as long as you have about 18-24” of space between the sofa and table, you’re good! Also, don't hesitate to swap the accent chair in the living room for the one that’s in your bedroom, It’ll definitely make the room fell new again! 

Photo Courtesy of  Devon Grace Interiors

Photo Courtesy of Devon Grace Interiors


Editing your space could be as simple as clearing the stacks of books from your coffee table and using only a vase with flowers or a sculptural statue, sometimes less is more. Do you have ten pillows on your sofa? *Let’s stop here because if you have ten accents pillows piled on your average size sofa, the decor police should be showing up to your home any minute now! Edit those pillows down to only one pair or even just one pillow, by doing that one trick, your space will instantly feel visually lighter. Not only will it feel lighter, your eyes will gravitate to other unique pieces in the room, like that piece of art you picked up during your travels, or the brass legs on your sofa that you would’ve never paid attention to due to your eyes being stuck noticing all those pillows. 

Photo Courtesy of  PROjECT INTERIORS

Photo Courtesy of PROjECT INTERIORS


If you have some bushes or flowers in your yard, head out with a pair of garden sheers and trim away. If not, take a stroll through the neighbor and look around for beautiful branches or flowering shrubs! I don’t have any attractive bushes in my yard, but for the past two summers I’ve been sneaking across the street to my neighbor’s front yard and trimming Peonies from their bush that blooms early August each year. Thankfully the owners haven’t moved in yet, as they have been slowly renovation the home for the past couple year. Let’s just say I’m helping them get that most out of a bush that they’ve never saw bloom! You’ll be surprised by the quality of “free” floral arrangements you could create! There’s no right or wrong way to create a nice bouquet, It’s based upon personal preference. 

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