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Savvy Settings Home is a Chicago and Indianapolis full- service Interior Design Firm + Home Lifestyle Brand that specializes in creating luxurious and timeless interiors that are uniquely tailored to each client’s aesthetic. Founder, Demetrius Robinson is known for his distinct ability to blend elements from different design styles and periods to create spaces that are seamless and harmonious. He’s seen much success in working with couples to curate a space that speaks to their personal aesthetics as well as their overall visions for the space(s).

The Savvy Settings Home team is dedicated to delivering the best completed projects within budget and on time alongside providing first-class customer service. We view the journey of working with an Interior Designer as a collaborative effort between our clients and our design team. We utilized our expertise, diverse network of exclusive design resources and connections with vetted contractors to bring our clients interior design dreams to life.




During the in-home consultation we will assess and photograph the space(s), learn more about the your problem areas, your personal style, interior inspiration and your overall vision for the space. During the consultation we will also discuss your budget and project timeline. 


After the initial in-home consultation, we send the fee proposal along with the Letter of Agreement. ( This is sent to the client 48-72 hours following the consultation). Included in the fee proposal will be a detailed pricing breakdown of the design fee for your specific project. The LOA will outline the scope of services to be provided by Savvy Settings Home and also the payment terms and much more. 

*Once we receive the signed LOA and retainer fee, the design conceptualization phase begins.*


To begin the planning and conceptualization phase, our design team will revisit the project site to obtain detailed measurements of the space(s) and photos. After measurements and photos, our team begins building the design concept based upon the client’s unique design style and budget, this is the most time consuming phase of the entire process, so this phase takes roughly two weeks to develop. Upon completion of the design concepts, we will arrange a meeting between client and the design team to review the concepts to ensure client satisfaction. If there are any revisions needed to be done, they will be made here at this phase. 


Upon receipt of budget, we will begin to place orders for furnishings, lighting, accessories included in the approved concept. After all items are ordered we will begin any required contractor work (painting, electrical work, wall covering installation, flooring installation etc.). At this time the designer will be managing the shipment and delivery of all items ordered for the project, as well as managing all cosmetic installations and on-site contractor work.


When it comes to the final install, each project is a little different! Some clients are totally fine with us delivering furniture and other design elements as they arrive, whereas other clients prefer us to receive all deliverable goods and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse until the installation date. The installation date will be scheduled once all items are received and quality control inspections are complete. At the time of final install, our team will take possession of the client’s home until the install is complete. The final installation will take anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on the scope of work.