An interior design studio, founded in 2013 by lifelong Chicagoan, Demetrius Robinson. Our mission at Savvy Settings Home is to cultivate interior solutions tailored specifically to the needs of our clients and their personal aesthetics.  We're dedicated to delivering the best completed projects within budget and on-time! 

Demetrius is known for his distinct ability to blend elements from any design style to create a very classic, cozy and sophisticated environments that our clients can enjoy for years to come. Each of his projects are inspired by nature, high fashion and each clients' individual personality! With this approach, it ensures that no two interiors that we design will ever be alike. "Our clients are moved by my ability to make new and vintage elements live in harmony." - Designer, Demetrius Robinson


When Demetrius isn't in the studio designing or doing any business related stuff, he could be found being a tourist in his own city, or at home tirelessly running in circles with his very energetic dog, Gabbie. She a five year old Jack Russ Terrier start full of life with a sweet personality to match. 

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"I absolutely love my living room and bedroom! I think what I appreciate most about Demetrius is his ability to take my ideas and bring them to reality. He took time out to really listen to me and my ideas. He is so professional, trustworthy, and overall a great guy! He provided me with a breakdown of the total cost and was able to stay within the budget I have expressed for each room. I can't wait until we start on my office and second bedroom!"  
"Savvy Settings makes hiring an Interior Designer more of an enjoyable experience! He's no ordinary designer and his skills are over the top! He took his time and was very meticulous with this project. I am very pleased with how the final project turned out!
"To work with such talented and professional individual such as Demetrius is a complete joy! Without the help of the Savvy Settings Home team, I would've never been able to make my house a home. This was my first time working with an interior designer and I'm highly satisfied, I would highly recommend Savvy Settings Home!"


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